== swissChili ==

Welcome to my website. Here are some projects I have worked on recently:


6502 toolchain featuring an emulator, assembler, debugger and disassembler.


Forth compiler for x64 Linux systems


Fast KeyValues (VDF) parser written in C.


Tiny self hosting compiler for an esoteric programming language.

Graphite Sheets

Simple, native spreadsheet application written in C++.


Minimal X window manager and immediate mode GUI toolkit written in C.

Tiny QDF Parser

parser c
I wanted to write a parser for a key-value text based data format recently. Something similar to JSON and KeyValues, but easier to write than JSON, and with more features than KeyValues (mainly arrays). The format looks like this: // Keys can have multiple values in parenthesis one(two "three") // or spread out over many statements "one" four one five one six // Keys can have no value and a block after them one { // Blocks contain more key-value pairs two three } one { two("three" four five) } // Keys can have many values and a block after them one(two three four) { five six seven eight } // Blocks can be arbitrarily nested one(two) { three(four) { five(six) { seven eight } } nine(ten eleven) } Ozxy and I have named this the Quick Data Format, or QDF. Read more...
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